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Dearly Deported

A Satire

from a 150-word Flash Fiction contest

inspired by The Odyssey and featuring a superhero in a beseiged city:

“President Trump is deporting you.”

Muse blinked at the NSA goon with biceps as big as her head. “But I protected D.C. from hackers, blackouts, plagues.”

“The President thanks you for your service but is uncomfortable with your acute intelligence and beauty.”

“He’s deporting people who are smarter and prettier?” She threw her cape at the goon. “Fine. I’ll gladly retire to the Amazon. I won’t miss Spandex or Batman swooping in and taking credit for my work.”

Her eyes teared as she surveyed the National Mall, its museums and monuments lay in rubble, patrolled by drones. Americans were holed up in their homes, praying to mobile devices for safety.

“I’m a big fan, Muse, can we take a selfie?”

Ridiculous. She had to do something. When he put his arm around her, she grabbed his gun. “We aliens might be criminals, but I will save the country from itself.”


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