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My dad, Kirk the Barber as he was known around here, passed away a year ago today of liver cancer. I had, still have, a lot of regrets. But after he died, I had an exquisite dream in which he gave me an unusual ring with blue stars and told me to keep smiling, to keep making others laugh, and to never give up on my dreams.

A few months ago, I walked into Disneyworld, of all places, and there was that ring.

I encourage you today not to give up on yourself or your dreams. Don’t let them die inside you. Put yourself out there even when it hurts, even when you’re afraid. Wear something to remind you of your dream, write it on your wall, put it in your wallet. Your life might be falling apart and your efforts might end in what looks like a failure. Taking a risk might land you in obscurity.

Just do that thing you are dreaming of that you don’t think you can do and, whatever the result, you can count it a success. Maybe, just maybe, you might land among the stars.

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