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Love Ain't No Reality Show is The Beverly Hillbillies Meets Say Yes to the Dress, TMZ, and Dancing with the Stars

A struggling soap hunk with multiple sclerosis and his curvy Southern fiancée become viral celebrities after she’s shamed about her weight and virginity on a disastrous wedding dress reality show.

Toni Shiloh
Author of Returning Home


Allison Kathryn Garcia
Author of Vivir el Dream
Jessica Nelson
Author of A Hasty Betrothal

 She's back! 


Connie Kuykendall's sophomore novel is just as engaging and witty as her debut, Love Ain't No Soap Opera. I was tickled pink that Ms. Kuykendall continued Selah Morgan and Cane Ashton's love story.


If you thought the characters couldn't get more real, more honest, more raw, you were wrong! Connie explores multiple issues (health, faith, redemption, relationships) with humor, quirky secondary characters, and the grace we all need in our Christian lives. Enjoy your return to Shadybrook!

A beautiful tale of love and learning to love yourself, despite your flaws and insecurities and past mistakes and traumas.


Dealing with body image, addiction, abuse, and self-doubt, Connie Kuykendall's book, Love Ain't No Reality Show, takes the camera lens inward and shows how God can heal all wounds, no matter how deep.

Love Ain't No Reality Show is a delicious tango of wit and emotion.

Connie Kuykendall writes compelling and realistic characters 

who deserve their Happily Ever After.


Connie Kuykendall

Author, Attorney, Curled Crusader

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